Is Bolt truly a threat to Amazon?

(Jordan) #1

Bolt is smoothing out the process of e-commerce by improving the online payments experience for both retailers and customers. Do you think this will allow those in the e-commerce space to better compete with Amazon?

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(Adrienne) #2

Hmm, interesting read. I think that Bolt is onto something, but I’d question the size of Amazon’s market presence. To me it seems inevitable that Amazon would out-compete any day – especially with the launch of their new store, which physically brings e-commerce to consumers…

(Lauren P) #3

Amazon is king in the e-commerce space, we all know that. I agree with @adrienne. I really don’t see Bolt (although the logic behind it is brilliant) as a threat to the giant that is Amazon.

(Elizabeth) #4

Cool article! I hope that Bolt can make waves in e-commerce. To me it’s similar to Etsy, allowing a platform for smaller and/or less mainstream producers to reach more customers!