Graphic of the week

(Annie M) #20

Very interesting graph. I’m curious of what the monthly returns were during the ~1996-1999 years to see if what we’re seeing now is similar to the period leading up to the dot com bubble/crash or if there isn’t a correlation between the two.

(Jamie Perriam) #21

You may find this interesting, Tom (covering 1926-2012). Historically, the worst month is September and the most volatile is April …

(Jamie Perriam) #22

Here you are, Annie:

(Anders Kravis) #23

Hey @wes ,

Managed to throw one together for you :slight_smile:

Will be cool to see what you come up with!

(Wes Nolte) #24

Thanks! Let’s see what stats I can remember from university and apply to this :slight_smile:

(Anders Kravis) #25

:thinking: What are your thoughts on today’s chart? Drop them below.

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(Marc-Thomas Arjoon) #26

Doesn’t seem sustainable to me.

(Faure) #27

Congratulations Anders! You’ve made it to the top of HN :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

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(Anders Kravis) #28

:wave: What do you guys think of this week’s chart?

( Carol Anderson) #29

I see this chart as reflecting older workers continuing to work to later ages due to lack of retirement benefits and need for insurance, while being productive and reliable. Younger workers are more subject to layoffs, shifting employers, and gig work.

(Dorothy Chattin) #30

It doesn’t reflect changes in the age of the general population. It could be that more over 55’s are employed simply because there are more over 55’s every year. A more useful and meaningful measure might be the percent of people, or per capita employment rates in the different age groups employed.

(Anders Kravis) #31

Amazon might not be big enough to threaten Google yet, but it’s already bigger than both Twitter than Snap in the Ad business. What are your thoughts on this week’s graphic?

(Elizabeth) #32

That’s crazy! Classic Amazon. Reminds me a of a discussion earlier on Bolt threatening Amazon.

Really loving the Chart of the Week though. :raised_hands:

(Lauren P) #33

Amazon is taking over. I wonder how soon it will be until they catch up to Facebook… I reckon very soon.

(Anders Kravis) #34

:wave: After gathering all the guesses in last month’s Bitcoin competition, it’s interesting to see how the community stacked up:

(Max Rofagha) #35

So interesting to see people’s price expectations vs. what happened then!

(Elizabeth) #36

This is cool! You guys should run another one :pray:

(Anna Drescher) #37

We’re planning on it! Thanks to @pierre_finimize :tipping_hand_man:t2:

Stay tuned!

(Anders Kravis) #38

It looks like the year of the dog could be one for the bulls… Really interesting dataset.

(Pierre Lipton 🤑) #39

So far my favorite Chart of the Week! Really interesting content (GOAT = [second] Greatest Of All Time?), and sooo aesthetically satisfying that there’s a corresponding emoji for every zodiac sign. Thanks for putting this together @anders_finimize!